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Assignment #1

Jean SibeliusI chose this photograph because I really like how Karsh captured and accentuated the seriousness of this man’s expression. It looks as though he is in the midst of a very upsetting conversation. I think the way this man’s face is lit has a lot to do with the way in which I have perceived it. For example, there is no hair light so the top of his head is darker and the light coming from below is lighting up his facial features but leaving attached shadows in his brow and under his eyes which make him appear to be angry and intimidating. The background light really defines his shape and makes him stand out. The key light appears to be coming in from the right and it illuminates the left side of his face and leaves the right side of his face in the shadow. To me, it seems like these attached shadows around his eyes make him look as though he is angrily glaring at someone whereas if his whole face and head were lit, he would appear to be more at ease. It looks as though there is a soft side light coming in from the left that highlights the wrinkles around his right eye, the veins in his forehead, and the top of his right ear so that the right side of his face is not completely lost in the background. He definitely stands out and makes a statement about his stature. I also noticed that his hands appear to be lit separately from the rest of his body. When I look at this photo my eyes are continually drawn down to his hands. I don’t know why but I imagine his next movement as picking up a rocks glass full of whiskey. Overall, it seems that Karsh was trying to highlight the fact that this man is important and should be taken seriously through his use of light.


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