That’s Questionable!

In chapter 3, Lester is analyzing the physiology of the eye and he says, “Humans are the only animals who cry”. Even though scientists DO believe that humans are the only animals who cry emotional tears, other animals still produce tears. It is impossible to really determine whether or not other animals produce emotional tears. And, there are a lot of animals who “cry” emotionally, they just don’t shed tears while doing so. In my opinion, Lester tends to make a lot of bold statements in this book. This just happened to be one of them that came across as interesting to me. I am sure that he meant to imply that other animals do not cry “emotional” tears but, he did not say that specifically which makes his statement questionable.


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    jacquelined said,

    I agree with you. Actually, this may be completely false, but I have heard that cows cry tears before being slaughtered. Maybe it was emotional tears? Either way, I totally think Lester makes some bold statements throughout the book that are in fact, questionable. I think he should have provided some concrete evidence or something to support some of the things he says. I am kind of disappointed that such a book cost about one hundred dollars! haha 🙂

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