That’s Questionable!

On page 65, Lester says, “images can be used to persuade and to perpetuate ideas that words alone cannot”. I think there are many instances where words can have more meaning than an image. Words can explain things that may not be noticeable in an image. Words can be translated across cultures while often times an image without written explanation can be miscommunicated. I believe images can definitely be used to persuade and perpetuate ideas but, I think it is questionable to state that words alone cannot. For example, if I were to describe an image to someone without them being able to see it, couldn’t they possibly be persuaded to believe the message the image portrays? 


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    jacquelined said,

    I agree. While I think visuals are powerful, I think words hold just as much value if not more in making an impact. For example, words can place value on an image influnecing a person’s interpretation of the visual image. If I showed a picture of a girl, for example, that was typically “skinny” and held it up to someone saying she was “fat”, i guarantee the person would re-consider the visual image one more time. Therefore, because visual images create great first impressions and words spark reconsideration of the visual image, words “persuade and perpetuate ideas” about visual images. Therefore, words are much more powerful.

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