That’s Questionable!

In chapter 7 Lester says, “Increased economic and political power for disenfranchised groups along with better educational and employment opportunities for all are the best ways to combat prejudice”. This is questionable because it is a complete matter of opinion. Someone else may believe that the best way to combat prejudice is by avoiding stereotypical language and by calling people out when they are negatively targeting a specific group. Just because Lester believes this is the best way, it does not mean that it IS the best way. Lester goes on to say that when the media regularly celebrate cultural diversity with words and images instead of concentrating on conflict and stereotypes, the goal of ending prejudice, racism, and discrimination will come a little closer to being reached. This is also questionable because what if the words and images used to celebrate cultural diversity are presented in ways that are stereotypical? Lester is very good at presenting his opinions as facts in this book.


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